Caring for your Glass Memory Locket

  • All of our wearable glass memory lockets are stainless steel so they can take quite a bit of abuse, but they are not indestructible. With proper care you should get many years of use out of your memory locket.

  • Be gentle when opening your locket and don’t force it too far open or the hinge may get weak or break.

  • Handle your memory locket with care as it contains real glass. The glass in the lockets is quite sturdy but can still crack with the right impact. I have been glad that even though I have dropped my memory locket on my hardwood floor more than several times, it is still intact. 

  • Avoid wearing in water as the lockets are not waterproof and water will get inside.  If this happens, remove charms and keep locket open until dry.

  • If needed, clean with a soft, damp cloth and air dry. Avoid getting any beauty products or harsh cleaning supplies on the locket. Rub with a dry polishing cloth to restore the shine.

  • Enjoy having a memory locket that is as unique as you!
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