This is your guide to the different stones that represent each month of the year.  Our birthstones are the most popular of our floating charms and we have a variety of styles to chose from.



January Silver Gem Floating Charm



January – Garnet


February Silver Gem Floating Charm



February – Amethyst


March Silver Gem Floating Charm



March – Aquamarine


April Sliver Gem Floating Charm



April – Diamond, Crystal


May Silver Birthstone Floating Charm



May – Emerald


This round floating charm is silver with a pink, June birthstone.

Pearl Floating Charm



June – Pearl, Alexandrite, Light Amethyst


This floating charm is a red, July birthstone surrounded my silver colored metal.



July – Ruby


August Silver Gem Floating Charm



August – Peridot

September SIlver Gem Floating Charm



September – Sapphire



October Silver Gem Floating Charm_v1



October – Tourmaline, Rose, Opal


November Silver Gem Floating Charm



November – Citrine, Topaz




December SIlver Gem Floating Charm

December – Turquoise, Tanzanite, Blue Zircon